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How To Dress Up If You Are A Teacher

Wearing casual, comfortable and loose clothes to work is a luxury you lose when you become a teacher. Being a teacher, you are always looked upon by your students, the parents, and administrators.

You cannot afford to look shabby and inappropriately dressed when you hold such a position of respect and dignity.

Teachers should always be in their best manners and well-dressed because they have their students who constantly scrutinize every little thing their teacher does. You need to dress comfortably yet smartly because you are going to wear the same outfit for a whole day.

There are many ways to dress up when you’re a teacher without looking boring or inappropriate. Here is a list of ideas on how to dress up if you are a teacher.


  1. Wear well-tailored and appropriate fitting clothes

Your clothes shouldn’t be too loose or too clingy, but just perfectly fit your body. Don’t opt for tops that have a low neckline or tops that will enhance your bustline if you are on the bustier side.

Choose basic shirts, sweaters, and tops that are neutral in color. This will help you mix-match with a lot of other clothes and bring in a new outfit every day.


  1. Keep it simple and stylish( but not too much)

You might want to wear clothes that are currently in fashion. You can do so, but it shouldn’t be too much. Your students may admire you for the pretty clothes you wear, but if you overdo it, then that can have a negative impact on them. Cardigans or button-down blouses look stylish yet simple and elegant.


  1. Wear comfortable shoes

This is the most important point to remember while dressing up for class. You will want to wear shoes that you are comfortable in and don’t mind standing in them for hours.

Be sensible enough to choose flats, kitten-heels, pumps or small-wedges that are comfortable and stylish. Never think of wearing high-heels or sneakers or flip-flops to class.

Your shoes should match the color and style of your outfit; otherwise, you might end up looking inappropriate.


  1. Light makeup

Your makeup should be minimal and should make your face look fresh and natural. You are going to teach young kids and applying heavy makeup can be a bad influence on them.

Choose a warm-colored eye-shadow along with a nude lipstick and mascara. These will make you look perfect as a teacher.


  1. Trousers are the safest bet

Trousers with a plain shirt or blouse are the perfect go-to outfit for every teacher. Trousers work wonders when it comes to looking formal and classy.

You can throw in a well-tailored blazer to give a whole look a classy finish. While buying trousers, go for neutral and light colors such as beige since they go well with any colored blouse.

Make sure the trousers fit you well and are not very tight on your bottoms.


  1. Minimal accessories

Accessories are a big distraction when it comes to young kids. They will focus all their attention on your accessories rather than listen to you in class. Also, you will need to do a lot of hand-movements all day while teaching.

Doing so may result in you losing your expensive jewelry like brackets or finger rings. This is why you should never wear expensive jewelry to school. Choose a simple pair of studs or a very simple bracelet if at all you wish to wear accessories.


  1. Age-appropriate clothes

You may be a young teacher, but while dressing up for a class, you cannot dress younger than your kids. While following the latest trends, you may become inclined towards wearing clothes that make you look super young and inappropriate.

Make sure that the outfits you pick make you look older and more responsible.


  1. Wear clean and ironed clothes

Make sure that your outfits are clean and well-pressed very morning. Make regular visits to the dry-cleaners and ensure spotless clean clothes.

This will give an overall tidy and modest look, which is what your students need to see. Avoid wrinkled clothes by all chances. This will show a bad example to the kids who are supposed to come neat and tidy to school.


  1. Choosing the right size handbag

Handbags are an important accessory for every teacher, and the size and style of your handbag determine that whole look of your outfit. Your handbag needs to be big enough to fit in files, diaries, and other stationery.

It is best to opt for black or subtle colored bags that suit well with all outfits.

Dressing up as a teacher takes a lot of efforts since you have to always look prim and proper in class. It is best to plan your outfit a day before in order to avoid last-minute confusions and save time in the morning. Planning a teacher’s wardrobe is not the easiest, but with the right choice, it can be a fun activity.