8 August 2019 By CoolLadies 0

Office Styles That You Might Consider Trying

Does the image of your office wear surround black trousers and white shirt? If so, you are not alone. A lot of women are rather hesitant to add color or be adventurous with their office outfits for fear of not being taken seriously.

But with changing mindset and dynamics around workplaces, office styles need not be so severe anymore. After all, it is the quality of work that should do the talking.

This, however, does not mean you can wear pajamas to work. There are other ways to add style and fashion to office wear. Today we share our tips on office styles that you might consider trying.

1. The feminine touch.

Girly and office are not always considered a good match. But we say otherwise. Dresses and skirts of various prints and designs work great in the office. Think Anna Wintour. She wears dresses absolutely everywhere, and she is one woman to contend with.

Sheath dresses, shirtdresses, and wrap dresses are some styles you can consider. You can wear your dresses with structured blazers, cardigans, heels, or flat pumps, and they become appropriate for the office.

The key here is to be considerate with the hemline and neckline. Over the knee and knee-length dresses make the best choice for the office. And of course, the neckline should not be too low.

2. Leather for the edgy and casual.

Leather at the office? What?! Hear us out. It’s a bit unconventional, we agree. But if your office has no strict rules about the attire, consider adding leather pants and jackets to your office wear.

You can pair the leather pants or a skirt with silk tops, or a structured top and always add heels. Heels add an instant touch of elegance to your entire outfit. Dark-colored jeans and a great top with a leather jacket are definitely appropriately. Just don’t wear a leather jacket and pants at the same time.

3. Glam up for the meetings.

And we don’t mean your makeup. With so many women taking on the top roles in the workplace, it is easier to associate glamour with work. Take advantage of this situation by wearing expensive, tailored suits, pencil skirts, designer bags, and heels.

Nowadays, women sport designer watches and expensive accessories while at work. If you can afford it, do not be afraid to flaunt the results of your hard work by dressing up for work.

4. Add color and prints.

For decades, office wear revolved around the ubiquitous black and white. Although there is nothing wrong with the color scheme it was, shall we say, limited in our fashion choices?

This is not the case anymore. Most workplaces are very accommodating with office outfits. Consider adding color to your office wear by adding colorful tops and skirts. Just be mindful so that you don’t pair a colorful top with an eccentric bottom.

If colors and prints are not your taste, you can add stripe tops and blouses. Trousers in muted or neutral colors are also a great option. The only item of colorful clothing that is not office friendly is colorful denim.

5. Accessorize for impact.

Unless you are one for that minimal look, going to work is no excuse to smother your creative flairs. When you have on a monochromatic look, consider adding a statement heel, a belt or a bag. Express yourself through your accessories and stay motivated throughout the day.

The idea is to add that element of wow with a singular piece of garment or an accessory. Just be wary that you don’t wear more than one statement piece at a time.

6. Denim should not be banned.

This is one staple in every woman’s wardrobe, so why should going to office prevent you from wearing one? Dark-colored denim works perfectly fine for the office.

In fact, they can pass off in any environment except a black-tie event. Pair the denim with structured tops, blazer, and blouses. Add heels or closed pumps and flats and you are ready for the office.

7. Monochromatic works for office too.

No, it is not just the minimalists who wear monochromatic outfits. When you are in doubt, and all of us have one of those days, wear a monochromatic outfit.

The good thing is that you can apply the principle to any color. But they work best with basic colors like black, white, beige, and gray. They instantly lift an outfit and make the wearer look expensive. Remember to add a bright accessory while doing a monochromatic black, so you don’t end up looking like you’re going to a funeral.

The bottom line.

Office-style need not be boring. And you don’t need to work at the Vogue office to dress up for work. The idea is to find a balance between your individual style and the requirements at work and the environment.