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Summer College Outfit Ideas To Try

All of us wish to look confident and chic when we go to college. The way you dress up for college can say a lot about your personality. Also, a college backpack it’s a must-have. If you don’t already have a cool backpack check out this top of the best college backpacks https://www.bestof.info/best-backpacks-for-college/ .But what do you do when it’s the peak of summer?

You wish to look good, but styling yourself up can become a pain just before your classes. Most girls end up looking plain and boring because of the lazy mornings during summer.

You should remember that summer is one of the best seasons to flaunt your beautiful skin and body. You get to wear clothes that are light and bright-colored, making you look fresh and attractive.

So, how do you manage to look relaxed, fresh, yet stylish when you go to college? Here is a list of cool and trendy summer college outfits that you can try this summer.


  1. Mommy Jeans + Crop tops or shirts

Mommy jeans are great for summer because of their loose fit and great comfort. These jeans make you look cool and stylish, which is perfect for college wear. You can top them up with plain crop tops or light-colored shirts.

You can finish the look of this outfit with a pair of sliders or even a pair of white canvases.


  1. T-shirts + denim shorts/ mini-skirts

This outfit is the classic go-to for college wear, which is every girl’s favorite. It is very comfortable and looks super cute on any girl. Everything mini works great for summers.

You can pick a pair of ripped denim shorts for an edgy effect. This outfit looks great with white tennis shoes or even a pair of summery flats.


  1. Casual dresses + strap-on flats or white tennis shoes

Dresses are just perfect for those lazy mornings when you don’t feel like dressing up but want to pick something that’ll make you look pretty. Dresses are perfect for the heat because they don’t stick to your body and are flowy and airy.

A casual dress, whether plain or patterned teamed up with bright colored strap-ons work great for college in summers. You can also opt for white tennis shoes if you wish to save your feet from the tan.


  1. Linen pants + shirts or tank tops

This is yet another comfortable outfit to beat the heat in summer. Linen pants are super comfortable to wear in summers. They are loose and give you enough ventilation.

Light and bright colored linen pants teamed up with solid tank tops or striped shirts look great during summers. You can complete this look by wearing a pair of flat sandals.


  1. Kimono + solid tank tops

Kimono is an awesome piece of clothing to be worn during summers. It can add style and color to any dull dress or top. Go for bright floral or otherwise patterned kimonos which you can pair with a solid tank top and denim shorts.

You can even wear a camisole inside and just throw in a stylish kimono and viola! You are ready for college. Kimono looks great with gladiator sandals or just simple sliders.


  1. Monochrome + printed trousers/joggers

This outfit works perfectly for summer college. The patterned lower gives a very summery and refreshing look. Patterned joggers have a loose fit and give you enough comfort to move around in summers.

The monochrome top will add subtlety to the whole outfit, which is what you need for college. Team your outfit with a pair of shocking colored sliders to make it look edgy and chic.


  1. Colored shorts + printed tops

This outfit screams summer due to its multiple bright colors. Colored shorts paired with printed tops look ultra-chic and comfortable. The colored shorts look trendy and refreshing during summers.

This whole outfit can be completed with a pair of espadrilles or white canvases or just simple flats.


  1. Blue denim pants + white T-shirt/ shirt

The classic blue jeans and white t-shirt combo is perfect for college during summers. You can never go wrong with this outfit. It is so comfortable and stylish that you don’t even need to accessorize it.

You can wear any kind of footwear with this outfit. However, a pair of espadrilles or just plain sliders will look perfect with it.


  1. Midi-length cotton dresses + canvas

Cotton is the fabric for summer. Midi dresses look super fancy and are of comfortable length. A simple cotton midi-length dress with a pair of canvases go really well together.

You can accessorize your entire look with a pair of big-sized hoop earrings.


  1. Off-shoulder blouses + White jeans

Off-shoulder blouses look fancy and stylish as summer wear. They are open enough to make you feel comfortable in the heat. White jeans are another favorite summer wear.

A floral printed off-shoulder blouse with white jeans and paired with flat pumps will look perfect for summer college.

Summer college is a great way to experience many new things. It becomes even better if you have the right outfit to make you look chic and confident.