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How To Dress Classy. Classy Outfit Ideas.

No woman wants to look frumpy and unfashionable. Every woman, irrespective of age desires to look chic and elegant. There are some women who look effortlessly stylish and put together with no matter where they are, or what they are wearing.

What is it that makes them look so fashionable? Is there a secret that only a few are privy to? Let’s find out more. Today we share our secrets on classy outfit ideas and how to dress classy. Use our suggestions as a guideline, but by all means, adapt and modify them to your personal style.

1. Quality over quantity.

A cheap quality t-shirt will have all the wrong angles when you wash it. Not only will this make you have weird body proportions when you wear them, but you also will probably don’t want to wear them ever again.

On the other hand, a good quality top or a t-shirt will stand the test of time, and you will enjoy wearing them every time. And it is not just t-shirts. The same principle works for all type of clothing and even accessories.

Find pieces of garments that are made with quality fabrics and with good production, and you will have confidence every time you put them on. Good quality clothes also drab the body better and make you look classy.

2. Avoid brand logos and prints.

A graphic print shirt or embroidered types of denim might look cute on a teenager or a toddler — not adults. Loud printed logos on garments tend to look garish and even cheap. It is true even for designer and brand logos.

Unless you are doing an ad campaign for a brand, stay away from such type of garments. Basic t-shirts never go out of style, and they always look classy when styled correctly.

3. It’s ok to alter your garments.

There are times when we find that perfect blazer or a trouser that fits perfectly on the shoulders or the waist. But somehow they end up a little longer on the sleeves or the hemline is a tad too long.

A style secret that we want to share is to take them to a tailor and have it altered to fit you. You will find that structured dresses, blazers or even jeans fit a lot better after you do that little alteration. When the clothes fit you better, you will feel more confident and ultimately, look classy.

4. Wear one type of metal at a time.

Do you know why French women look so classy all the time? Among other things, they never mix metals. Our skin tones reflect metals differently. Cool skin tones look great with silver jewelry while women with warm skin tones look fabulous in gold-toned jewelry. Although some women love to mix and match jewelry, it is always more classy to wear one at a time.

While on this subject, if you wear mostly silver jewelry, try to match the rest of the hardware to it as well. This could include the hardware on your bags, shoes, belts, or even sunglasses. This is a subtle way to add elegance to your outfits.

5. Keep the prints small.

When you are building an outfit, it is inevitable that you add prints, florals, stripes, and even plaids. But when it comes to these, the smaller they are, the better they look.

Big patterns and prints can look a bit overwhelming and loud. And these are the opposites of classy dressing. It can overpower your personality and does not allow you to shine. They will also make you look larger than you are.

6. Know your body.

It doesn’t matter if the clothes are filthy expensive, if it doesn’t fit your body, you will not look good. Understand the shape of your body, and know which your best feature is.

Perhaps it is your slim waist that is your best feature, or maybe it is your bust, your neckline, or your legs. Highlight those areas with an emphasis on one part at a time. This will allow you to find clothes that flatter your body. When the clothes fit you well, you instantly look stylish and classy.

7. Take care of your appearance.

You can buy the most expensive designer wear, but if you neglect your skin, hair, and nails, the whole game is over. Hair, nails, and skin are a reflection of your lifestyle and who you are as an individual.

It is not important that you get an expensive haircut from the fanciest salon in town. No. you can easily take care of yourself with a hair straightener at home. Well maintained nails and healthy skin are also a deal-breaker. So take care of these as well.

Looking and dressing classy is a combination of style, well-fitting clothes, and well-groomed appearance. Do not neglect any of these three components, and you will look classy in whatever you wear.